Dear Year 6 (soon to be Year 7 Chaucer) students

Welcome to Chaucer!

Usually at this time of year I would be visiting your primary schools and meeting with your Y6 teachers and saying hello to you. You would be visiting us here at Chaucer and trying on uniform as well as meeting and speaking with lots of Chaucer staff prior to our transition days in July.

However, whilst we are dealing with unprecedented times which none of us have ever known before, I wanted to write to you via the website to let you know what will be happening to make sure you feel confident about your transition to Chaucer.

We are planning a range of activities and opportunities to enable you to see what life at Chaucer is like and let you meet key staff that will play a big part in supporting your move to us over the next few months. Below you will some key staff and will be able to see some of the things we have planned for you (and your parents) but if you have any ideas of your own that you feel would support yourself or any other students, please let me know. I am very keen to hear your ideas.

Above all I want you to feel confident about your move to us and let you know we are very excited about welcoming you as Chaucer students over the next few weeks and above all we look forward to meeting you in person as you start your exciting journey with us.

Meet our key staff who are involved in your transition 

Mr Burnside

Mrs Tolley

Mr Ayres

Mrs Todd

Ms Celik

Miss Cooke

Mrs Spencer

Ms Walker

Ms Payne

Mrs Grayson


Mr Burnside - Headteacher

Mrs Tolley - Assistant Headteacher & Executive SENCO

Mr Ayres - Incoming Year Leader for Year 7

Mrs Todd - Assistant Headteacher

Ms Celik - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Cook - Safeguarding Manager

Mrs Spencer - Assistant SENCO

Ms Walker - Assistant SENCO

Ms Payne - Educational Welfare Officer

Mrs Grayson - Support Services Manager

Your form tutors

I have already started some very positive discussions with your teachers and am finding out lots of valuable and interesting information about you. Mr Ayres and I are using this information to put you into form groups. Your form tutor will be a key person for you and is someone who will get to know you well.

If you would like to help your tutor to get to know you, you can complete this form (click here) this will be sent to Mr Ayres who will pass onto your form teacher, once we have all the information about you.

Your Year 7 form tutors

Once we have finalised the form groups, we will let you know who your tutor for September will be and you can email them to say hello.

For you!

We have already started to make some introduction lessons for you to try! Please click here

We have created a booklet for all soon to be Year 7 students, Parents and Carers please click here for more information

Watch this space!

Over the next days and weeks, we will be putting lots of different activities on the website. These will include:

· We will add a booklet for you to complete so you can learn a bit more about school life

· A parent booklet will be available so your parents can find out what they need to know

There will be an opportunity for you to submit any questions you might have (no question is a daft question) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we don’t want any of you to worry about things that we can support you with.

There will also be an opportunity for your parents to be able to submit any questions they may have to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Sometimes us parents worry far too much! )

We may think of lots of other things as time passes. Remember, this is new to us too.

Don’t forget, if you have any ideas please email me and let me know via the Year 6 student enquiries email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Take care of yourselves and stay safe. I look forward to meeting you and your parents very soon.

Mrs Tolley


Additional Information

Information for parents of Y6 students who have SEND can be found by clicking here

A sample monthly menu can be found here