Year 10 and 11 Exams dates 2018-2019

November 2018: Monday 26 November & Tuesday 27 November (Y10/Y11 BTEC/OCR National Mock Exams)

December 2018: Monday 10 December to Friday 14 December (Y11 Art Mock Exams)

December 2018: Tuesday 11 December  (Y11 BTEC Business Exam)

December 2018: Wednesday 12 December (Y10/Y11 BTEC Sport exam) 

Wednesday 9 January & Thursday 10 January  (Y10/Y11 BTEC/OCR National Exams)

Tuesday 29 January (Y11 French Speaking Mock Exams) 

Friday 1 February (Y11 BTEC Health & Social Care Assessment)

Monday 25 February to Friday 8 March (Y11 Mock Exams) 

Monday 15 April to Thursday 18 April (Y11 GCSE Art Exams)

Thursday 18 April (Y11 GCSE French Speaking Exams) 

Monday 29 April to Tuesday 7 May (Y10 Mock Exams) 

Monday 13 May to Wednesday 26 June    (Y11 GCSE Exams)

Additional BTEC Online exams will be arranged during the year.

Specific exam dates can be found on the MCAS & VLE.  

Students can find a full list of 2019 Exams and Revision sessions here.

Updated 10/05/19