The school office is now open for the next 2 weeks - Monday - Friday 9am until 3pm

School Uniform - please check school uniform policy before buying any items for September. Summary expectations are listed below:

  • Footwear – plain black leather or leather look footwear – no coloured logos, no fabric inserts, no gold bars or buckles
  • Skirts – with a waistband, no clingy, skin tight or "tube" style skirts. Must be no more than 2 inches above the knee
  • Trousers – with a waistband, tailored, no skin tight, no leggings or jeggings
  • Plain black knee length or ankle socks, plain black or flesh covered tights

If you are unsure of whether an item meets our policy please do check with school prior to buying.

All School Email has now been migrated to Office365

Your username to access your e-mail will be your email address, e.g.

Students, please use e.g.

Password – this will be the same as your computer login within school.

On Mobile devices email username will also require changing.

Contact if you have any problems.