School Meals - September 2021


September 2021 Menu


The dining room is accessible before school and at break time where drinks and snacks are available.

School lunch times are providing the main setting for lunchtime and hot and cold meals are being served.

All payments must be made in advance through the ParentPay service.

Orders for lunch must be made in advance by the student using the Fusion Online Service.
Meals can be ordered 7 days in advance and until 10.00am on the day, as long as funds are available on the child’s account. Students on Free School Meals will be expected to pre-order their meals, their allowance is automatically available.

The school menu is available at the top of this page.

Deserts and Drinks are available to purchase at the till , as long as funds are available on your account.

Fusion Online Service can be used on app or online at home or in school.
All students are strongly encouraged to use the service independently, and support is available for students having any issues.

If students using the app in school they will need to have data on their phones to access the Service.

No child a Chaucer School will ever go hungry if a child forgets to order, they may have to wait until others are served and they may not be able to get a meal of their choice so please do encourage your child/ren to use to Fusion Online Service

If a child has any issues with the service, they are very welcome to visit the School Shop.