School meals Chaucer school

We have modern light informal dining areas with music and plasma screens as well as an outside awning, wooden tables and benches outside for pupils to sit at during lunch break adding shade on sunny days and protection when it's raining.

 The move up to secondary school can be an exciting time and there will certainly be a big difference from what students will have been used to in terms of food in school.

Catering options

Throughout the school day it’s our aim to provide our students with tasty, nutritious food and drink at a great price.

We’ve a range of choices at different service points at various times of day, to give students as much opportunity as possible to quickly get to the food they want.


We start serving early with our breakfast service available from 8am.

So for a great start to the day, students are able to join their friends for breakfast where they can choose from cereals, toast plus toppings, hot snacks, fresh fruit, yoghurt, fruit juices, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Morning break

We also provide a mid-morning break service. This offers a range of snacks and drinks for those who need a boost of energy to get them through until lunchtime, or who wish to purchase something for their lunch early.

Lunchtime services

To help students quickly get what they want for lunch, we have a number of service points each of which offers a different type of food.

Main Meals

We provide a hot main meal menu with a meat & vegetarian choice every day. Our hot dishes can be enjoyed with side dishes, a hot dessert of the day and a choice of cold desserts.

Dietary requirements & allergies

If your child has a special dietary requirement or food allergy then please discuss with the catering manager who will be happy to plan and provide a school meal that meets your child’s needs

Sandwich bar

Students visiting our sandwich bar will find a range of sandwiches & wraps with hot & cold fillings, cold desserts and a selection of drinks.

Grab & Go

A grab and go provision is available daily. This service is popular with students that do sport or activities and it provides a well-balanced meal.