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Chaucer School is a safe, fast improving, happy and harmonious school where young people go on to lead fulfilled lives as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

The school became an Academy in September 2012 making steady progress on its improvement journey.  Since April 2016, OfSTED have visited the school on three separate occasions in November 2016, March 2017 and June 2017.  The judgements on all three occasions deemed that leaders and managers within the school were taking effective action to remove the school from its category of special measures.

In addition to these inspections, independently commissioned external scrutiny has taken place. Reports from all visits indicate areas for improvement are being robustly tackled through careful planning, astute leadership and skilled determination and dedication from all staff.

The Department for Education visited us on 12 December 2017. The snapshot evidence gathered told us that the school had really embraced its improvement journey operating openness and transparency in all that it does.  Learning Walks undertaken by an Education Advisor and DfE representatives saw positive evidence of students on task; involved and engaged. Teacher confidence was apparent and behaviour for learning overwhelmingly positive. They felt the school had a good feel to it. They moved around during unstructured time gain experiencing positive behaviours.  They reported that the school had strong, validated and moderated evidence of a positive path for improved performance figures telling a compelling picture of improvement. This included discussed with leaders who were honest and accurate in their predictions.  The school is well supported by the Tapton School Academy Trust who is supporting and challenging the school on its improvement flight paths.  The morale in school is positive and accountabilities are firmly understood.  Challenges still remain regarding students’ attendance and staff recruitment however these are creatively worked through to solution focussed strategies which deliver impact for change.

Chaucer School and its students, staff and governors would like to thank its community for taking the time to read this. We do not feel that the OfSTED report of April 2016 captured the real improvement that has occurred at the school and Progress 8 in all year groups has risen in line with national performance. I have a duty to describe and defend an accurate picture of Chaucer School. I also have a duty of care to students and their life prospects. I will continue to diligently drive development that enhances life chances for students and their community so that our improvement is recognised by all.

Please do continue the enormous support as part of the collective momentum that is transforming Chaucer School and making it a great place to learn and a school that gives its students the best possible chance of success on their chosen path.

Scott Burnside

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