Pastoral Support

Who are we and how do we work?

Form Groups
Each student will be assigned to a form group – comprising approx. 25 to 30 students. The intention is that they will stay with their form group, and ideally their form tutor, throughout their stay at Chaucer. During Y7 and Y8 they will be taught as a form group for some subjects but not in others and as they move into Y9,10 & 11and make their options choices they will increasingly be taught in different groupings. They will continue to meet their form group and form tutor on a daily basis and a number of our PHSE sessions will be taught in form groups.

You will meet the form tutor on our Progress Days when you will have a scheduled appointment to sit with the form tutor and your child to look at their attendance, progress in each subject, behaviour and attitude to learning.

Year Manager
Each year group is supported by a year manager who is employed full time to work with students, parents, teaching staff and outside agencies where appropriate, to ensure each student has the best opportunity to achieve. They work with students who are experiencing difficulties in school whether this be bullying, behaviour or attitude to learning, attendance, family difficulties etc, in effect anything that might prevent your child achieving their potential.

Assistant Headteacher
Each year group is led by an Assistant Head, or the Headteacher. They retain overall responsibility for the attainment and progress of students in their year group and meet regularly with other staff both teaching and support to monitor the outcomes and performance of their year group.

Attendance Team
Full attendance is vitally important to help your child to achieve. We have a team of staff monitoring and reporting attendance issues from our Attendance Admin Officer who will contact you if your child is absent to our own Educational Welfare Officer who will work with families where attendance is a concern.

Each student will be placed in a class in each subject area – some will be based on ability and some will not. In Year 9 students make their option choices for subjects to study in KS4 ie to GCSEs. Each subject has a subject leader.

So, who do you need to talk to and how can you do it?

Sickness Absence - Attendance Officer – please report all absence to school by 9.00am. This will ensure that the correct mark is entered in the register and you will not receive a phone call or text from us asking where you child is.

Absence caused by hospital and/or medical appointments – please send a note to the form tutor in advance who will mark the register accordingly. Students should return to school once their appointment is complete. For students who need to leave school to attend an appointment a note confirming time of their appointment should be sent. Students will sign out at student reception and receive a signed pass to be out of school.

Concerns over how your child is doing in a particular lesson – this might include their progress in that lesson, a concern about whether they are in the right group, concerns about their relationship with the teacher

Please contact the Subject Leader of the subject in question. You can contact by phone or email. Names and e mail addresses of all subject leaders are available on our web site. Subject Leaders are teachers who will be in class teaching for the majority of their school day so you may well not be able to speak to them when you ring. Our commitment to communicating with parents however does commit us to responding to you within an agreed number of days.

Concerns over how your child is settling in, behaviour bullying etc.
Please contact the Year Manager for your child's year group. Names and e mail addresses are available on the web site.

Urgent concerns
Should you ring with an urgent enquiry or concern and the year manager for your child's year group is not available you may be put through to another member of staff so they can take the details from you and start gathering the information needed to investigate your concern.

List of Staff Contacts

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