Communication between school and parents


Telephone Calls


We will:

  • Answer your call swiftly and politely
  • Ask for your name
  • Ask for the name of your child, their year group and form
  • Ask for brief details of the reason for your call
  • Ask for your contact details
  • Ask you if you have already spoken to anyone previously if you ask to speak to the Headteacher.

All of the above questions help us to direct you to the most appropriate person to deal with your query. In the majority of cases this is not the Headteacher.

We will however never stop you speaking to or arranging to speak to the Headteacher either by phone or in person. Appointments to meet with the Headteacher are arranged through his PA.

Once we have the necessary details we will:

  • Tell you the name of the person we are directing you to
  • Endeavour to transfer you to that person to deal with your query or problem. If that person is not available;
  • e mail the relevant person giving them the information you have given us and your contact details.
  • E mail you (if your email address is available)to confirm that an email has been sent and to whom

We will not tell you when that person will contact you as we do not have control over that, however as a school we will commit to responding to you by the end of the following working day from your call even if this contact is to advise of progress so far and arrange a further date for contact.


Personal Visits

We want parents to be able to see the right person when they come to school and the best way to make that happen is for parents to ring to make an appointment. It is really difficult to guarantee where a member of staff is and what they are dealing with when a parent arrives at the door asking to see them. We will always endeavour to find someone to speak to you however it is always best to ring first.

BAT 03/04/13