Please find the school calendar below. All training dates, events and holidays will show on the relevant month. Please note all bookings for parents evenings will still be added to MCAS. 



Parent’s Guide to Email

We encourage all our parents to sign up for email account, as this is a requirement for many online services like My Child at School and allows parents to use email to freely communicate.

All students at Chaucer School are given a school email address and are taught how to use email effectively and safely, to communicate with teachers, other students and to be used with online services.

Setting up an Email Account
There are many free email providers, it would not be possible to write a guide for all services.
We have chosen which is a free email service from Microsoft.
Outlook is easy to use, reliable and also gives parents access to other Microsoft online services that your child uses every day at Chaucer School.

Creating an Outlook email account
You can create an email account on your phone, tablet or computer by going to this web page
and following these easy steps.

Create an email

  1. Go to this website
  2. Click “Get a new email address”
  3. Type your name without any spaces or any suitable words for your new address
  4. Create a strong but memorable password
  5. Type your First and Last Name
  6. Enter your Date of Birth
  7. Complete the captcha to create your account
  8. Well Done. You can now sign into your email account at

Please send your first email to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. school to let us know your new email address.

Your 1st Email

Email on your phone
You can now access your email address on your phone. There are many guides online on how to set up email on your phones. Here are 2 Microsoft guides on how to use the Outlook application on your phone.

How set up email in Outlook on an Apple phone

How set up email in Outlook on an Android phone

If you have any questions about using email or would like additional support on using email
lease contact our IT Support Team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

School Meals - September 2020

January Menu

In order to ensure that safety control measures are in place in school and to support the year group bubbles and separate lunch locations we have had to change the way that we operate our lunch provision.

We will continue to provide a school meal, either hot or cold, to students on Free School Meals and those who wish to purchase one. The menu choices will be more limited than normal in the first instance so bringing a packed lunch is a really good idea at this time.

No money will be accepted in school and the money loaders will be switched off. All payments for school meals must be made in advance through the ParentPay service. Anyone who has not yet registered for ParentPay will have received an email and a letter with their registration instructions. This must be done before your child returns to school in September. Anyone needing help with this should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In addition orders for meals must now be made in advance by the student using the Fusion Mobile app - joining instructions are enclosed with this letter. Food can be ordered daily each morning before 10.00am or up to a week in advance as long as funds are available on your account. Free School Meals allowances will be added to the food order app automatically and students on Free School Meals will be expected to pre-order their meals.

Food can be ordered from home or in school however, if ordering in school students will need to have data on their phones to access the app Fusion Online.

As we are using 3 separate lunch areas pre-ordering is essential and will mean that food will be ready and waiting at lunchtime in the designated area for a year group. There will be no option to order food at lunchtime as all staff will be working in the lunch areas serving the orders.

Break – there will be no food or drink served at breaktime If you have any questions please do contact us.

Mrs B A Todd

Assistant Headteacher

GDPR and Home School Agreement

At Tapton School Academy Trust we consider the age of 18 to be the appropriate threshold for seeking consent directly from the student.  Prior to 18, where we need specific consent, we will seek consent from you as their parent/carer.

During your child’s time with us we gather information about them which we will use for various purposes. 

A Privacy Notice has been provided in relation to the use of this information and is available on this website.

Should you require a hard copy of any information please contact your school reception and one will be provided to you.

There are certain things for which we require specific consent. Please read the information carefully to select the appropriate options.

You can give your consent on the MCAS application or complete a hard copy at the school office.

If you choose not to give consent for any of the items listed please be assured that this will not affect your child’s place at a school in the trust.  You are completely free to refuse to provide consent to any of these items.  You do not have to provide reasons for refusing your consent but we are happy for you to give us additional information if you choose to so that we understand any concerns that you may have and can take appropriate steps where necessary.

You may change your mind in relation to any of the consents that you have provided at any time.  This includes withdrawing your consent to anything that you have agreed to here.

To withdraw your consent or amend your position at any time please contact us

This consent will otherwise continue until your child leaves a school in the trust or they reach the age of 18 at which point the trust will seek consent directly from them.

There is a legal requirement for all parents/careers to completed the consent forms online or in hard copy.


Photographs and Videos

Some of the information in the tables includes photographs and videos of your child. We assure you that we take very seriously the issue of potential misuse of photographs and videos of our students and have the following measures in place:
• Checks will be carried out on any image before it is used / published. This includes ensuring that pupils are dressed appropriately.
• Photographs are kept securely. Any photographs taken on a personal device for the purposes of publicity are deleted immediately once the image has been published.
• The use of photos and videos for school management systems, CCTV and class room development systems are used as a legitimate interest for the students and as such do not require specific consent. Images on these services are secure and not shared.

Celebrating your child’s achievements, reporting on events involving the trust and promoting the trust
As a trust we are very proud of the achievements of all of our students and we want to be able to celebrate these achievements both within the trust and with others. We may also want to report on significant events and activities which involve our students. Please read the information below and circle your chosen option.


I am happy for the information selected below to be used for the purpose of celebrating my child’s achievements,
reporting on events involving the trust and promoting the trust

I am happy for photographs/videos to be used; (including name when appropriate)

Inside school (e.g. school newsletter, school magazine, internal screens and boards)

YES  /  NO

Outside school (e.g. school prospectus, school/trust website, social media including Facebook/Twitter etc. newspapers and magazines *

YES  /  NO

Photos taken by third parties working with school (e.g. universities) *

YES  /  NO

*please note that if you give permission to share your child’s photo/video we would not be able to guarantee the ‘right to be deleted’.

I give consent for my child to take part in the following :

Off-site visits and activities that take place during the school day

YES  /  NO

Off-site visits and activities that take place outside the school day, during the holidays and or at weekends

YES  /  NO

Off-site sporting activities

YES  /  NO

I understand that consent for the offsite activities may include sharing of minimal data required to ensure the safe
and smooth running of off-site visits and activities


In severe weather/school closure I give consent for my child to:

Leave school and make their own way home (I have spoken to my child about what to do in such an event in terms of getting home if transport is difficult and where to go if I am not at home to receive them)

YES  /  NO

If I select NO I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the school to arrange the collection of my child

Use of Biometric data
The biometric software that we use converts the student’s fingerprint into a numerical value that can only be used on our network. An image of the fingerprint itself is never stored on the system, and as such cannot be copied, re-created or transferred. The numerical fingerprint data is only stored as long as a student is on-roll with the trust. Where I choose not to give consent to the use of my child’s biometric data I understand that this will not prevent them from accessing either school meals and alternative processes will be put in place for my child.

I give consent for my child’s biometric data to be used for the cashless catering service.

YES  /  NO

Data Transfer
I understand that selected data held by the school about myself and my child, will be transferred securely to third parties for legitimate interest of the child and as such do not require specific consent. (e.g. Sheffield Local Authority, Youth Support Services, ParentPay etc)

Home School Agreement
I have read, understand and agree to the Home School Agreement in my child’s planner. (below)



Home School Agreement

At Chaucer we are committed to a strong relationship between the school, each student and parents/carers. The purpose of the Home School Agreement is to ensure that we each acknowledge and commit to our part in that relationship and to the expectations that being a part of Chaucer School brings with it in order to ensure the success of all our learners. In addition we each commit to act at all times in a reasonable and respectful manner to each other.

The school’s responsibilities are to:

  • Provide quality first teaching to develop each student’s talents
  • Provide consistent expectations and a robust rewards and sanctions process that is transparent and understood by all stakeholders through positive discipline
  • Provide support and care for each student and raise self-esteem
  • Encourage and reward good attendance, progress and behaviour
  • Provide a safe, secure and well-ordered environment
  • Ensure the safety on line of the whole school community
  • Engage in regular communication between school and home
  • Check and sign Student Planners on a weekly basis

Parent / Carer’s responsibilities are to:

  • Accept and support the school aims and values
  • Accept and support the school expectations of their child (Positive Discipline)
  • Make sure their child attends school on time every school day
  • Make sure that full uniform is worn every day
  • Make sure that their child is properly equipped for learning (pen, pencil, ruler, scientific calculator and planner)
  • Show interest and involvement in the work and homework of their child and provide a suitable, quiet place to work at home
  • Support the school’s approach to online safety, the safe use of IT and IT equipment
  • Check and sign the Student Planner on a weekly basis
  • Attend parents’ evenings and keep in touch with school

Student’s responsibilities are to work alongside the school in Positive Discipline including:

  • Attend school on time every day.
  • Wear full correct school uniform every day
  • Come to school properly equipped to learn with school bag, pens, pencils and all necessary equipment for the day including PE kit
  • Always listen, take part and work hard in lessons and with homework
  • Use the Student Planner properly
  • Cooperate with and respect others, their right to learn and their property
  • Follow the student code of conduct and classroom expectations
  • Read, understand and adhere to the Student Acceptable IT Use Policy
  • Be safe, never leave school without permission
  • Follow all reasonable requests made by members of staff and seek help when needed


We Are Aiming High - Every Lesson Matters

The Attendance Team

Dawn Ripley
Attendance Officer
Gill Payne
Education Welfare Officer
Tim Edge
Student Welfare Leader Responsible for Attendance
Anne Todd
Assistant Headteacher Responsible for Attendance

Attendance Line - 0114 2322332 - Press 1

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

For our students to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and that they are in school and on time every day the school is open. We will do all we can to ensure that our students achieve the maximum possible attendance and that any problems that prevent full attendance are identified and acted upon promptly.  This is why we do not authorise any planned absence from school.

Please click here to view our Attendance Policy

If Your Child is Absent You Must...

If your child is absent you must contact us as soon as possible on the first day of absence via one of the following methods:

  • Calling the Attendance Line 0114 2322338 press 1
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Send a note into school, on the first day that your child returns to school, with an explanation of the absence - you must do this even if you have already telephoned us (notes must be handed to your child's tutor during Tutor Time);
  • or you can call into school and report to reception, who will arrange for a member of the attendance team to speak with you;
  • Medical evidence must be provided, please ensure we have one of the following: appointment card, appointment letter, prescription and/or labeled medicine bottle/packet.

If Your Child is Absent We Will...

  • Telephone you on the first day of absence if we have not heard from you;
  • Send a member of our Attendance Team, Safeguarding Manager, or year Manager to complete a home visit to your address;
  • Invite you into school to discuss the situation with a member of our Attendance Team, Year Manager or Assistant Head teacher;
  • Refer the matter to the Attendance and Inclusion Service within the Authority (if attendance falls below 85%);

The Attendance Team will hold weekly meetings with:

  1. The Year Manager to discuss/action plans for all students whose attendance is below 95%;
  2. The Year Manager, Safeguarding Manager, Student Support Leader and a representative from the Attendance and Inclusion Service to discuss/action plans for all students whose attendance is below 85%.
  3. Persistent Absence may also lead to a meeting with the board of governors at the School Attendance Panel.

June 2015 - Changes to Persistent Absence Levels in School

Why Regular Attendance is so important: Learning and Achievement - there is a clear link between high attendance and high achievement.

Of students who miss more than 50% of school, only 3% manage to achieve 5A* to C GCSEs including English and Maths.

Of students who miss between 10% and 20% of school, only 35% manage to achieve 5A* to C GCSEs including English and Maths.

Of students who miss less than 5% of school, 73% achieve 5A* to C GCSEs including English and Maths.



THE SCHOOL WILL NOT AUTHORISE A CHILD TO TAKE HOLIDAYS DURING TERM TIME. Parents do not have the legal right to take children out of school for holidays.

  • It is not true that you are entitled  to 10 days extra holiday each year;
  • It is not true that students can ‘catch up’. Research shows that by missing lessons, students fall behind, and lessons are NOT repeated at a later date;
  • Any holidays are expected to be taken as part of the 176 days available outside term time.

Schools are quite within their rights to say that holidays in school time are not allowed. Parents who take their children out of school during the school term without the Headteacher’s authorisation or beyond an agreed date risk being issued with a Penalty Fine, Community Service or being prosecuted.

In addition:

  • You risk losing your child’s place at school;
  • You risk your child’s future through lost learning and lower achievement;
  • You risk your child feeling left behind and left out.

The Law Relating to Attendance

Section 7 of the Education Act 1996 states that ‘the parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him/her to receive efficient full time education suitable:-

  1. to age, ability and aptitude and
  2. to any special educational needs he/she may have either by regular attendance at school or otherwise.’


Poor punctuality is not acceptable. If your child misses the start of the day they can miss work and vital information and news for the day. Late arrival students also disrupt lessons, can be embarrassing for the child and can also encourage absence.

How we manage lateness:

  • The school day starts at 8.30am everyday and we expect your child to be in tutorial at that time.
  • Registers are marked at 8.30am and your child will receive a late mark if they are not in by that time.  If you child arrives into school 30 minutes after close of register, absence will remain unauthorised and your child will receive a ‘u’ code, which will impact on your child’s school attendance.
  • If you child arrives after 8.30am they must sign in with the Year Manager or Attendance Officer.  Your child will then be escorted to the Isolation Room for the remainder of the lesson.  This is to avoid disruption to learning already taking place.

If your child is persistently late you will be asked to meet with your child's Year Manager and Assistant Head teacher to resolve the problem. You can however also approach us at any time if you are having problems getting your child to school on time.

Attendance Rewards

For our students to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and that they are in school and on time every day the school is open.

To reward students who have good attendance and punctuality during the academic year we regularly record attendance stamps, hand out certificates and prizes at Celebration Assembly, on the spot prizes, Cinema events and a host attendance events and trips.