Chaucer School will close for the Christmas holiday on Friday 21 Dec at 11:55am. 
If your child is on FSMs orders can be placed at student reception. 
All students are to wear sportswear! Students should adhere to the following rules regarding dress code for the day:
Shoulders and midriffs must be covered (i.e. no ‘belly tops’ or vests to be worn). 
No jeans 
Trainers must be worn!

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Student leaders met with SLT last week to discuss fundraising next week for the Sheffield Children’s Star and also for Roundabout.
It has been agreed that on Tuesday 18th December (also Christmas dinner day!) that we will run a non-uniform day to raise money for the above charities. Please take the time to look over the information below and discuss this with your forms (apart from Y11) to ensure they are all clear about the arrangements and school expectations for the event.
Christmas Clobber day 2018
Students and staff are invited to swap their uniforms in exchange for:
• £2 - this means they can wear their own cloths – including Jeans
• £1 – this means they are wearing something festive like a Christmas top
Please refer to our guidelines on expectations around non-uniform days on our website Non Uniform Expectations

As part of GCSE citizenship students have to undertake an active citizenship project.  This year students are tackling issues of homelessness, mental health, period poverty and the increasing need for Food banks. 

We are proud that a group of year 11 boys have been investigating how they could help our local food bank at Mount Tabor.  After meeting with a representative from the food bank and conducting research into how they could best help they have decided to launch a Chaucer Food Bank bingo appeal.

They have asked the teachers and their forms in school to try to complete the bingo challenge by bringing in all of the items on the bingo list by the 14th December. There will be a prize for the best looking box so forms are encouraged to get creative with their box of goodies!

Should you wish to help out they you can either send a donation in with your child or drop items of at the schools main reception.

Thanks for your support!

Mrs Nichols & Year 11 GCSE Citizenship