It’s Sports Relief this coming Friday! Charity days are something as a school we like to support and this one is no exception! So I can confirm that on Friday we will be supporting Sports Relief in the following ways:
1. A non-uniform day - Students and staff will be able to wear their own clothes for the day for a cost of:
£1 if wearing sportswear
£2 if wearing own clothing
payable on the school gate.
2. The copper race - We will be giving all forms the chance to compete against each other by lining up all the 1p and 2p coins they can collect. The winning form will be the one who created the longest copper line! And a winning year group of all the forms combined.
All money raised will be donated to Sports Relief.
Failure to meet any of these expectations will result in planner comments, placement in pre-exclusion in the case of inappropriate dress and may result in future planned non-uniform days being cancelled.