Dear Parent / Guardian,
Attitudes in the UK are changing positively towards organ donation in the adult population but we
have a long way to go in improving organ donation rates from children and young people, and in
doing so help save the lives of thousands of people waiting for an organ transplant.
In the UK, consent rates for children's organ donation are well below the national average for the
adult population, with less than 50% of families agreeing to their child becoming an organ donor
when approached at the end of their child’s life.
In 2017/18 when there were over 1500 organ donors, only 39 organ donors were aged 16 years or
younger. This is having a huge negative impact upon children in the UK waiting for a life saving
organ transplant where the wait for a new heart for example, means waiting 2-3 times longer than
an adult.
Legislative changes for organ donation in the UK will most likely have the greatest impact on donation from adults but in March 2019, NHS Blood & Transplant launched it's first ever children's
strategy to try and help bridge the gap between the successes seen in adult organ donation in
comparison to children.
By taking part in this anonymous survey, your answers will help our understanding of the challenges towards children donating their organs at the end of their lives, and help us to identify possible changes that we can make to improve this situation.
To take part in the survey, please use the following link -
Thank you again
Dr Simon Steel
Paediatric Intensive Care Consultant, Sheffield Children’s Hospital
Member of the Paediatric National Organ Donation Committee, NHS Blood & Transplant