The consultation period for the school day planning amendments has now ended, thank you to all those who responded. Chaucer school values the voice of stakeholders and therefore after careful consideration, a decision has been made not to move this proposal forward and we will remain with the 2:1:2 format.


(i)            Feedback from parents indicated that they felt at this juncture time that lunchtime would be too late for students, particularly younger students and those on medication.

(ii)           Students (particularly older students) were not in favour of a later lunch

(iii)          Staff were concerned that the extension of break and lunchtime would lead to too much time lost from learning and that this would be detrimental to our students’ progress.


There is the opportunity for further debate through the LIFE curriculum to discuss the more specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and determine whether a different format for different years may be of benefit in the future.