2 slices of toast and Hot drink £1 Meal deal. 

Toast per slice 30p

Crumpets 30p

Teacake 60p

Croissants 65p

Mini Danish 52p

Bacon or Sausage Sandwich £1.25

Morning Break

Sausage Roll 85p

Cheese and Crackers 55p

Crumpets 30p

Croissant 65p

Teacake 60p

Toast 30p

Hash brown 35p


All meal deals £2.10

Full main meal and dessert £2.10

Hot main choice only £1.70

Vegetable's and Potatoes 35p

Salad pots 65p 





Jacket Potatoes 75p

Jacket Fillings from 50p

Ciabatta/Panini/Hot wrap £1.70

Pasta and Curry pots £1.60

Burgers and Hotdogs £1.65

Skewers £1.70

Chicken and Chips £1.90

Pizza £1.20


Water 50p

Calypso cartons 40p

Milkshake cartons 60p

Pure juice cartons 50p

Hot chocolate 60p

Tea and Coffee 60p 


Dessert and Custard 70p

Tray bakes, muffins, cakes 70p

Large cookie 70p 

Ready fruit pots 60p 

Assorted yoghurts 45p