The LRC is the hub of the school starting with the breakfast club, where students can come in between 8.00 – 8.30 to read, take –out / return books, research for homework, play board games and socialise before the start of the school day.

During teaching periods the LRC is used for independent learning as well as whole class learning, where classes, small groups and individuals come and use this space to research with books or computers to help them with their lesson. The LRC is a large area with different learning spaces, so often we have full classes as well as small groups and individuals.

Break time is fun time in the LRC, we have board games, card games, drawing and colouring, chitting and chatting and of course reading with our fabulous collection of fiction and non fiction books, comics and magazines.

The LRC has appointed a number of Student Librarians, who have volunteered and undertaken training in order to help maintain the daily running of the LRC.

Lunchtime in the LRC is again fun time, with board games, card games, drawing and colouring, reading and socialising, this lunch club is on every day.

The LRC has a afterschool club Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 3 – 4pm, where any student can come along and join in the various activities, make new friends and have some fun. The activities are promoted via posters throughout the school. Check out the 'LRC News' notice board in the LRC for the full list of activities.

Finally, the LRC has now become a Phone Zone, so feel free to interact on electronic devices, mobile phones, tablets and earphones.

If you have any suggestion of books you would like to see in the LRC or have any afterschool activities you would like to happen, please speak to Mrs Wrigglesworth.