Updates for all Year 11 leavers 2020!

Hello to all Y11 Chaucer Students,

Well, it’s finally official that you have left secondary school! I can’t believe how fast your 5 years have flown and personally how fast the last 2 years of being your Year Leader have gone.

You have come so far in that time, both as a year group and as individuals. I am tremendously proud to say that I was your Year Leader and I owe that all to each and every one of you.

We’ve had so many high points that the low points fall to insignificance. They were tough at the time, but the tower of strength you all are, both together and individually meant there was never anything you couldn’t get through and come out of the other side stronger.

I hope you all realise just how much the staff at Chaucer think of each and every one of you. We welcome visits when such things are allowed and we will certainly be keeping an eye on how you all are getting on with the rest of your journey in life.

I hope to be able to bring us all together for that well deserved prom as soon as I possibly can (safely!) and will be excited to see those of you who are coming into school on August 20th to share in your successes on results day.

I would also like to thank the parents, carers and families of all Y11 students as you have supported, championed and nurtured them into who they are today and that support has been invaluable to them all.

So, this isn’t goodbye, it’s more like see you soon. 

Take care and stay safe all of you

Mr Ayres

Year 11 Head of Year.


2020 Leaver Prom updates. 
Update 16th July 2020 - We want to reassure you all we are still working on a prom for you and we will update you as soon as we have all the information and we have found an amazing venue to suit you all!