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Year 10 and 11 Vocational Courses

BTECs are designed as specialist work-related qualifications and are available in a range of sectors, such as Business, Health and Social Care and Travel and Tourism. These courses are for any students who are interested in finding out about or working in different industries. The courses are structured so that students study 4 units in total over a year. This includes 2 core units and 2 specialist unit. BTEC courses are assessed as 75% controlled assessments and 25% exam based. BTEC Qualifications are graded as Level 2 Distinction* to Level 1 Pass. This is the equivalent to a single GCSE grade A* to C for the level 2 qualification and an F grade for the level 1 qualification.

These courses provides students with the knowledge and skills to go on and study level 3 qualifications at college such as BTEC Nationals or to participate in apprenticeships.  

BTEC Business

BTEC first Award in Business Studies is a practical course looking at the world of business. The course provides students with an insight of working in a business environment and in setting up and running their own business. Students are required to conduct research based around real businesses, nationally and within the local area.

BTEC Health and Social Care

BTEC first Award in Health & Social Care is a practical course looking at individuals’ rights, the needs of the individuals, cultural diversity, the human body and the factors affecting its development at different life stages. It is suitable for any student who is interested in finding out about or working in the Health or Social Care areas.

BTEC Creative Digital Media

The Creative Digital Media Production course is designed to create confident creative users of IT applications and an understanding of digital media. It enables students to create their own media products and includes a wide variety of digital media. Students will develop a body of skills and knowledge related to the media industry. This course provides students with valuable skills for working in organisations that use multimedia technology, e.g. web design, graphics and the internet. It gives an insight into the media and the world of journalism.

BTEC Travel and Tourism

The BTEC Travel and Tourism course is a practical course looking at developing the learner’s skills, knowledge and understanding of, the travel and tourism sector. Students will look at tourism in the UK including travel and tourism destinations and also look at factors affecting worldwide travel and tourism. Students study a range of topics including Travel and Tourism in the UK and the contribution it makes to the economy. The gives the potential opportunity in the future to enter a wide range of job roles within the travel and tourism sector, for example posts in travel agencies, visitor attractions and tourist information centres.

OCR National Child Development

The OCR Cambridge Nationals certificate in Child Development focuses on the development of a child from conception to the age of five, developing a student’s knowledge and understanding in all aspects of child development. Students will develop a knowledge of the equipment needs of babies and young children and an understanding of the factors to be considered when choosing appropriate equipment to meet all of these needs.

Students will also gain a knowledge of reproduction, parental responsibility, antenatal care, birth, postnatal checks, care and conditions for development, childhood illnesses, child safety, nutrition and hygiene practices. This is a good course to study for students looking to go on to further study in childcare or a childcare based job or apprenticeship.