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Year 10 and 11 Information Technology

The area of computing is dynamic and our courses adapt to suit the modern world. Rest assured, your child will be studying the latest courses which are designed to prepare students for higher education and beyond.


GCSE Computer Science

This is a course designed to help students understand the world of computing. It seeks to broaden all students understanding of the power of computing in a modern world. In the course students will look inside at the components of computers and learn how they work together, we learn about the world of cyber crime and how to take steps to prevent it. We look at how the internet actually works and its effect on globalisation. A major part of the course is learning how to make something actually happen using computer code. We use Python in school which is a modern, popular programming language, to code solutions to a plethora of problems. This course is examined by 2 exams worth 80% of the mark and one piece of controlled assessment worth 20%. The grade is on the new 1-9 system.


OCR Cambridge National in ICT

This is an IT course designed to prepare students for the rigours of modern day life. Students learn how to use office based software to achieve a number of solutions to real world problems. These include word processing, spreadsheets and databases. They will learn when IT is effective and make informed choices about which software to use. Another part of the course is to learn about cyber crime and ensure they know how to protect themselves or an organisation they work for. This course is examined by 50% exam and 50% Controlled assessment. The grade system is L1 Pass (F) up to L2 Distinction (A*).