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Year 10 and 11 French

Why is French Important?

The ability to communicate in another language is an extremely valuable life skill – both personally and professionally.

On a personal level it gives you an opportunity to develop high levels of resilience, confidence and awareness of other people and their cultures. People who learn a second language have a deeper understanding of their own language and have a greater respect for those who speak more than one language.

From an academic point of few, many universities now expect high quality candidates to have some understanding of at least one other language. This is because it demonstrates passion, an ability to learn quickly and a hunger for knowledge.

In today’s global economy, employers are keen to have people with language skills working for them. Modern foreign languages also combine well with other professions such as Law, Engineering, Accounting and Medicine. People who can offer language skills in addition to their specialist knowledge are very much in demand in today’s competitive job market.   Tourism is another popular career route as are jobs associated with the media and catering industries. Course Details GCSE French is a challenging but rewarding qualification. You will study the French language through a range of contexts. 
The three key themes are;

  • Identity and Culture
  • Local, National and Global Areas of Interest
  • Your Future

These themes encompass a range of engaging and interesting topics, ranging from ‘Social Media’ to ‘Extreme Sports’ – there really is something for everyone! Qualifications Offered A GCSE in French.

How the course is assessed

The New GCSE is broken down into 4 key skill areas.

Listening – 25% Reading – 25% Speaking – 25% Writing– 25%

Each skill will be assessed at the end of the two year course in the form of an exam.