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Year 10 and 11 English

Students study two GCSE courses: English Language and English Literature. They follow the courses simultaneously with courses being assessed through 100% examination. Students follow units of work on the set literature texts which include, dependent on their year, An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol, Romeo and Juliet, with units on fiction and non-fiction. They also study a set series of poetry along with skills of how to compare them.


For the English Language exam, students read a variety of extracts of fiction and non-fiction to prepare them for the reading section. For the writing section, students study discreet units of work focusing on further developing their skills in writing descriptions, stories, magazine articles and letters.


Speaking and listening is assessed separately. Students deliver a presentation and engage in group discussions and role play to satisfy the requirements of this unit.
A formal assessment of Reading or Writing is undertaken each half-term along with a number of informal timed essays completed in class.