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Year 7, 8 and 9 Information Technology

Year 7

This is the beginning of a student’s journey into harnessing digital technology to enhance their leaning. In year 7, we lay the foundations of IT and computing. The year is broken down into 6 modules covering the internet, e-safety, office applications and programming. Students will be encouraged to try out a range of software, explore the tools and learn how they can be used to help them. All students will have the opportunity to learn about the insides of computers and utilise their powers in a number of creative projects to ignite their imaginations and stimulate interest in IT and computing.

Year 8

This builds on to year 7 where some topics are revisited but in greater depth. One of these is programming where students will develop their own coded game. This is a fascinating preparation for the computational thinking needed at key stage 4 and a real world scenario they enjoy. We will introduce new software and also make them think about ethics in society, such as questioning whether images in magazines are real, and if they are not, is it right? Students are expected to make more choices for themselves, they will know which software to use, why it is appropriate and they will make decisions about the audience they are addressing.

Year 9

In this final year of key stage 3, we try to prepare students effectively for IT and computing which would be an option at Key Stage 4. We deepen students understanding of internet safety and ensure they know how to protect themselves. We move on to text based coding which is a real growth area in the economy and this helps them to think logically and be able to problem solve. Students will develop a better understanding of the world and they will be innovative when designing solutions to real world scenarios. By the end of year 9 the students will be fully prepared to undertake IT or Computing at GCSE level.