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Year 7, 8 and 9 History


History at Chaucer is taught through a study of thematic units of work focussing on British, European and world history. It is taught in mixed ability groups in key stage three. In year 7, pupils will study the history of the Medieval World. This will include a study of the Norman Conquest; life in Medieval England; the relationship between the power of the Church and the monarchy as well as world study on the Native People of North America. Pupils will begin to develop their skills as historians, working on chronology and using sources to investigate the topics they study.


In year 8, pupils will carry out a local history study, then move on to the power of the monarchy through the study of the Tudor era and the English Civil Wars. They will investigate what the lives of ordinary people through a study of the seventeenth-century Witchcraze, the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London. In the summer term pupils will study Industrial Britain, followed by a word History study on Genghis Khan and the Mogul Empire. They will upon their work in year 7 by further developing their historical skills. They will be encouraged to look not only at what happened, but why events happened and their long-term consequences. They will begin to look at how and why history has interpreted different events and people in so many different ways.


History at Chaucer is taught through a study of thematic units of work focussing on British, European and world history. In year 9 pupils will follow a mainly twentieth century course of study. This will follow on from Y8 with a study of Victorian London, examining social conditions and attitudes by investigating the crimes of Jack the Ripper and the attitude and reaction towards those crimes. This will be followed by a development study examining how and why the nature of warfare changed throughout the twentieth century, focussing on the First and Second World Wars and the Vietnam War. They will then study a unit of work about Black Peoples of the Americas, including the origins and history of the slave trade, the fight for abolition and the story of the Civil Right Movement. Pupils will be encouraged to develop skills needed at KS4, including devising and supporting historical arguments and making links across periods.