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Year 7, 8 and 9 Art

All students in KS3 have one hour Art lesson per week for the complete year. Students will explore a range of themes and work with a variety media and art techniques throughout this time.


In Year 7 the students will be introduced to a foundation course of ‘Formal Elements” including drawing and colour theory. Two further units will follow on from this.


In Year 8, students will develop and build on skills already learnt in year 7. Students are encouraged to investigate ideas in a sketchbook and to create larger pieces of work in a range of media.


In Year 9 students will explore 3 different themes throughout, critical studies will be entwined within each project, to ensure that students learn from the work of other artists. Students will begin to explore the work of Artist, research and present information in a sketchbook and create a range of practical work and final pieces in different media.