Here at Chaucer School we want every student to embrace the use of ICT, internet and a wide range of electronic communication to enhance learning. However, it is vital that every student ensures safe, appropriate and responsible use of such technologies. This agreement applies to any activity undertaken both in school and outside of school.

All students will;

  • Only access the school IT system using my account and password, which I will not share with anyone else.
  • Make sure the language I use in electronic communication will be appropriate and suitable.
  • Respect copyright of all materials, will avoid plagiarism (copying of someone else's work) when using IT to produce school work.
  • Only use school IT for coursework and study purposes, to support my learning.
  • Inform a member of staff if I accidentally access unsuitable material.

All students will not;

  • Use any device that is logged on by another user.
  • Deliberately mess with and/or delete another person's files.
  • Use social media during the school day.
  • Send, create or publish anything which others might reasonably find offensive.
  • Use mobile phones, cameras or other electronic devices to take, publish or circulate pictures or videos of anyone without their permission.
  • Try to look at unsuitable material such as pornographic, racist or offensive material. I understand this is strictly forbidden and may lead to prosecution by the police.
  • Deliberately damage the network or other electronic equipment by means of harmful files or programs (e.g. virus infections, malware etc), hacking or physical tampering.

Student must Understand;

  • That logs are kept of all software usage, websites visited and emails sent.
  • That members of staff may check my personal documents for viruses and unsuitable material at any time.

That breaking any of these rules will lead to the following consequences:

  1. verbal warning and a letter may be sent home.
  2. denied access for a stated period of time, in all lessons involving computer access
  3. Persistent or serious offender – dealt with at the Head's discretion and the police may be involved

All students must read and understood the above statements and agree to comply with Chaucer School rules for use of IT services, and understand that failure to do this could result in the loss of my access rights to these facilities, along with further sanctions for serious misuse.