Student acceptable use for online safety and social networking standards

Tapton School Academy Trust recognises that the use of IT, Internet, SharePoint, the Learning Platform and a wide range of electronic communication can greatly enhance the quality of learning across our Trust. It is vital that everyone adheres to this policy to ensure safe, appropriate and responsible use of such technologies.

Here at Tapton School Academy Trust we want every student to embrace the use of IT, Internet and a wide range of electronic communication to enhance learning. However, it is vital that every student fully understands and adheres to the required policy that ensures safe, appropriate and responsible use of such technologies.The agreement set out in this documentapplies to any activity undertaken both in school and outside of school. Misuse of the IT system, Internet or any form of electronic communication will result in you being denied use of this provision as well as further sanctions.

Acceptable Use

This applies to school devices and personal devices being used in school and also school  / Trust owned devices being used at home

I will

• only access the school’s IT systems and Internet via my own username and password.

• keep my password safe and not share it with other people.

• ask the IT team to check any attachments or links before I click on them if I don’t know that they are safe.

• if given permission to use my own device in school ask the IT team to check the device I want to link to the school IT before I do it to make sure there are no viruses.

• follow guidelines for safe use of the Internet.

• report any materials or conduct which I feel is unacceptable to the Teacher or IT Team.

• only use my own device in school if I have permission.

• immediately report any IT damage or faults.

I will not

• damage school IT on purpose.

• download IT viruses on purpose.

• play computer games during the school day unless I have been directed to do so by a teacher.

• alter or delete another person’s files.

• use chat rooms and social networking sites during the school day.

• put personal information on-line (this could include names, addresses, email, telephone numbers, age, gender, educational details, financial details etc).

• do anything online which is offensive, hurtful or otherwise upsetting to another person.

• post anonymous messages or forward chain letters.

• use inappropriate language.

• take, publish or share pictures or videos of anyone without their permission.

• use school IT for personal use without a teacher’s permission.

• copy someone else’sschool workand pretend it is my own.

• access inappropriate materials such as pornographic, racist or offensive material.

• install or attempt to install or store programmes on any school device.

• try to alter computer settings.

• will not try to upload, download or access any materials which are illegal or inappropriate or may cause harm or distress to others.

• use any programsor software that might allow me to bypass the filtering/security systems.

I understand that

• school will monitor my use of the systems, devices and digital communications. School may share this information with my parents /carers, the police or other agencies depending upon the severity of the incident. School may check my school documents for viruses and unsuitable material at any time.

• if I use my own devices in the school, I will follow the rules set out in this agreement.

• I am responsible for my actions, bothin and out of school.

• the school also has the right to take action against me if I am involved in an incident out of school (examples would be cyber-bullying, use of images or personal information).

All students must read and understood the above statements and agree to comply with Chaucer School rules for use of IT services, and understand that failure to do this could result in the loss of my access rights to these facilities, along with further sanctions for serious misuse.

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