Guidance for parents, carers and students

Home Learning at Chaucer School is designed to:

  • Consolidate and extend in class learning.
  • Prepare for new learning activities.
  • Evidence progress and deepens understanding.
  • Develop independent research skills.
  • Enable parents to support their child's learning.
  • To take ownership and responsibility for learning.
  • To ensure students are given every possibility to succeed.

Amount of home learning:
As a school we provide all students in Key Stage 3 home learning booklets which either consolidate or prepare for learning in each subject area. The work is TEEP related and as such it is broken down into 3 stages, present new information, construct meaning and apply to demonstrate your understanding. The work can be completed as one large piece to reflect each stage for each subject in the booklets. Core subjects are set separately and where teacher-pupil contact time is higher students can expect to receive homework more frequently, for example from English, Maths and Science.

The amount of home learning set for each subject is dependent on the three stages of the tasks but this should not exceed more than 30 minutes per subject to complete.

Submission of home learning:
Each completed home learning will be awarded a stamp in line with the whole school's reward policy. Class teachers will also award additional prizes for work handed in that demonstrates outstanding effort and progress. Each subject will provide clear success criteria as to how each level will be awarded.

Home Learning Projects for each subject will be handed out by form tutors on the allocated dates on page 3 of this booklet. Form tutors will then remind their classes of deadlines for handing in this work. A timetable for each subject's Home Learning Project is included on page 3 of this booklet and will be in line with each subject areas homework policy.

Class teachers will follow the school policy of providing WWW (what went well) and EBI (even better if) comments on all appropriate homework. Students will be given the opportunity to reflect on teacher feedback to improve their work when necessary.

Homework will be published on the Student Portal for Students Portal and Parents can see the homework that has been set on MyChildAtSchool