Home School Agreement

At Chaucer we are committed to a strong relationship between the school, each student and parents/carers. The purpose of the Home School Agreement is to ensure that we each acknowledge and commit to our part in that relationship and to the expectations that being a part of Chaucer School brings with it in order to ensure the success of all our learners. In addition we each commit to act at all times in a reasonable and respectful manner to each other.

The school’s responsibilities are to:

  • Provide quality first teaching to develop each student’s talents
  • Provide consistent expectations and a robust rewards and sanctions process that is transparent and understood by all stakeholders through positive discipline
  • Provide support and care for each student and raise self-esteem
  • Encourage and reward good attendance, progress and behaviour
  • Provide a safe, secure and well-ordered environment
  • Ensure the safety on line of the whole school community
  • Engage in regular communication between school and home
  • Check and sign Student Planners on a weekly basis

Parent / Carer’s responsibilities are to:

  • Accept and support the school aims and values
  • Accept and support the school expectations of their child (Positive Discipline)
  • Make sure their child attends school on time every school day
  • Make sure that full uniform is worn every day
  • Make sure that their child is properly equipped for learning (pen, pencil, ruler, scientific calculator and planner)
  • Show interest and involvement in the work and homework of their child and provide a suitable, quiet place to work at home
  • Support the school’s approach to online safety, the safe use of IT and IT equipment
  • Check and sign the Student Planner on a weekly basis
  • Attend parents’ evenings and keep in touch with school

Student’s responsibilities are to work alongside the school in Positive Discipline including:

  • Attend school on time every day.
  • Wear full correct school uniform every day
  • Come to school properly equipped to learn with school bag, pens, pencils and all necessary equipment for the day including PE kit
  • Always listen, take part and work hard in lessons and with homework
  • Use the Student Planner properly
  • Cooperate with and respect others, their right to learn and their property
  • Follow the student code of conduct and classroom expectations
  • Read, understand and adhere to the Student Acceptable IT Use Policy
  • Be safe, never leave school without permission
  • Follow all reasonable requests made by members of staff and seek help when needed