Chaucer School strives to be an active part of our local community. The majority of our students come from the local area and we recognise that influences in their community will affect their lives as much, if not more, than school can. It is therefore important that the school is seen to play a positive role in the community of Parson Cross and the surrounding area.
Extended Services Our school offers the Full Core Offer of Extended Services and recognises that children and young people succeed most when they are healthy, self-confident and well-motivated. Extended Services are about school providing a range of activities and services beyond our core business of education, in order to meet the needs of pupils, families and the wider community. All provision is decided in consultation with pupils, staff, parents and the community. The five parts of the core offer are;

  • Childcare: At secondary schools, there is not an expectation to provide formal childcare, but it is expected that the school provides a ‘safe place to be’ for students before and after school hours.
  • Varied Menu of Activities: A wide variety of activities out of school hours, including after school, lunchtimes and holidays. For details of the activities currently offered at Chaucer, check out the after school activities section of our site here. Parents and pupils should also look out for announcements in the school newsletter or posters around school.
  • Parenting Support: Parents are offered support via progress days, subject evenings and transition meetings. Student support co-ordinators also interact with parents on a regular basis, especially for pupils experiencing difficulties at school or home. This section of the core offer also includes family learning, offered in response to demand.
  • Community Use: Hiring out school facilities, such as the hall and sports field. 
  • Swift and Easy Access: Effective arrangements for identifying children in need of support and allowing them to access it quickly.

MAST Our student support team liaise closely with our local MAST (Multi Agency Support Team) on issues such as attendance, family problems and child protection. By working together, we can ensure that students are able to easily access the services they need.

Community Groups We work very closely with the local community groups and organisations in the area, including SOAR, Parson Cross Forum, Health Works, Parson Cross Initiative and ASDA. We have been part in a number of Multi Agency activities with the area and we are very proud of the support we have given and received.