As you will be aware, recently Ofsted visited Chaucer School as part of their monitoring visits.
We would like to thank everyone involved for such a positive outcome and would like to share the latest with you all.
The Headteacher letter to parents regarding OFSTED can be found here
A copy of the OFSTED report can be found here

Thank you to all who took part in the copper race on Friday. We can now confirm an amazing £138.41 was raised for Sports Relief from the race!
Added to the £804.66 raised from non-uniform collections brings our fund raising total to a fabulous £943.07 raised for Sports Relief!!
Well done to all!

It’s Sports Relief this coming Friday! Charity days are something as a school we like to support and this one is no exception! So I can confirm that on Friday we will be supporting Sports Relief in the following ways:
1. A non-uniform day - Students and staff will be able to wear their own clothes for the day for a cost of:
£1 if wearing sportswear
£2 if wearing own clothing
payable on the school gate.
2. The copper race - We will be giving all forms the chance to compete against each other by lining up all the 1p and 2p coins they can collect. The winning form will be the one who created the longest copper line! And a winning year group of all the forms combined.
All money raised will be donated to Sports Relief.
Failure to meet any of these expectations will result in planner comments, placement in pre-exclusion in the case of inappropriate dress and may result in future planned non-uniform days being cancelled.
For information only to any families who maybe interested.
The University of Sheffield Korea Society will be holding their third annual Korea Day festival on the 1st of March, 12pm-5pm in the Octagon Centre of the University of Sheffield.
The Festival is mainly divided into two aspects;
First we have the cultural experience booths. Here, guests will be able to play traditional Korean games, experience Korean Calligraphy, and also have the opportunity to try on the Korea traditional outfit. We will also have professionals explaining Korean skincare and selling selected products. Furthermore, we will also be hosting Korean restaurants, so there will also be the opportunity to try authentic Korean food!
The second aspect of Korea Day is the live performance. The live performance aims to integrate traditional and contemporary Korean culture and will include K-pop, Taekwondo, and traditional Korean opera. There will also be the fun opportunity to participate in a ‘Random Play Dance’ of K-pop songs at the end of the event!
As you can see, this is a fantastic opportunity for students in Sheffield, and this is definitely not an event to be missed. The entry will be free for children aged under 12. Tickets to the event are £5 and can be bought from the following link:
For group of 10 or more, each student will have 20% discount and each group should be accompanied by a full price paying parent or guardian. However, please inform that they should contact us previously via this email address if it is a group. Please be aware that there will be filming and recording of the event.