Update 5th November 2020

Sheffield City Council Update - Free School Meals Holiday Scheme

The council are aware that some parents have had issues with the website address given for the half term holiday.  A new website address has now been created which is easier to navigate. Parents should go to https://www.selectyourcompliment.co.uk/ and enter their unique 16 digit code (issued to them via letter from the council).

The council have also committed to funding free school meals provision in the Christmas holidays. Confirmation of the process will be confirmed shortly.

Update 21st April 2020 regarding Free School Meals.

Edenred on behalf of the Department of Education Update 21st April 2020 regarding Free School Meals.

Free school meals voucher scheme update
Our national voucher scheme is playing a significant role in ensuring that eligible pupils can still receive free school meals while they are staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak. The scheme offers a valuable service where schools are unable to arrange meals or food parcels through their existing food suppliers.
So far, over 11,000 schools have placed orders for voucher eCodes under our national scheme, and over £11m worth of eCodes have been redeemed into supermarket eGift cards by schools and families. The flow of support to parents is accelerating every day.
The new platforms and process were initially created and launched within a two-week period. Ever since, we have made continuous improvements to these and this is now starting to positively impact on speed and efficiency. We appreciate this has been a challenging time for all and thank you for your patience.
As a result of these improvements, we have caught up with the orders to where we would expect them to be, meaning that going forward we can now improve the journey time of an order.
We have also made improvements to the information available to schools and families. We do have a dedicated 0333 400 5932 number in place, and a reminder that this number is charged at the national rate from all phone devices. However, email is the best method of contacting us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And remember your order will be updated on your ‘order history’ as it progresses, so you can view that at any time.
We are focused on continuing this progress and delivering the support to families quickly when they need it.
Help us to improve the user experience for everyone
There are a few small but vital steps that you can take to make the user experience much better for you and for other schools. It takes as much time to process 50 bulk orders as it does to process a single order. So, making lots of single or small orders slows the system down for others, as well as taking longer for you. To that end…
Here are a few tips for when placing your next orders, which will help us all to get the support to families quickly:

  • When placing orders, please use the spreadsheet up-load, please refer to the user guide for details
  • When scheduling the release of orders, please place these for a Monday where possible as this would help with scheduling through the weekend
  • Please ensure each order contains all the families and eCodes required, not one order per family, e.g. if a family has two children then a code for £30, rather than two codes for £15
  • As per our update last week, the DfE has agreed orders can be placed to cover 2,3 or 4 weeks in the future, for example an eCode to cover a fortnight for a family with 2 children would be £60, so placing the orders for the maximum period in the future will reduce your visits to the platform and enable us to schedule the releases to the families in advance

If you have placed an order that has more than one delivery date, e.g. one that is now in the past and one that is for a future date, the overall order status will still continue to show as ‘Paid’ until the future scheduled date has been delivered. The eCode delivery for the date in the past will have been fulfilled.

We have also been working hard to help other supermarket partners not enabled with eGift cards to join the programme and we’ll have more news on this during the week.
We appreciate your patience. Our teams have been working around the clock and continue to do so and are only focused and committed to ensuring the families in need receive the support they need quickly.

Kind regards,
Edenred UK on behalf of The Department for Education

Free School Meal update Friday 17th April 2020

Tapton School Academy Trust/Chaucer School  - ASDA vouchers

At the start of the Easter holiday Tapton School Academy Trust/Chaucer issued £30 ASDA gift vouchers to help support FSM families. 
Your Trust/Chaucer voucher was a £30 ASDA gift voucher - not a FSM voucher. This week there have been some instances of these vouchers being refused - this is incorrect. Whilst ASDA staff have been told to not accept any "old" FSM vouchers (which had been issued by some other schools) this does not affect your gift voucher issued on 31st March. ASDA nationally will be contacting Chaucer Road ASDA to correct this misunderstanding about the Trust/Chaucer vouchers.
If you have not yet used your voucher you should present your voucher at the till and tell the member of staff it is a gift voucher, if using the self service till you should select gift voucher when asked for method of payment. 
From 14th April the government is rolling out a national voucher scheme and you should have received or very shortly receive your vouchers to support you moving forward from this date.

Free School Meal (update 31.03.2020)

Free School Meal Vouchers

ASDA vouchers have been posted to your home address or emailed to the email address you provided in our recent survey. Families who did not respond to the survey have been posted ASDA vouchers. 

Coop vouchers unfortunately  have not been available and so have been replaced with ASDA vouchers. 

All families on Free School Meals have received a voucher for each child.

Please follow the instructions in your letter or email and do not lose your voucher/s as they are allocated specifically to your child/ren.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.