Basic expectations

Please check the planner and discuss with your child the importance of following our basic expectations including;

  • No outside coats, jackets, or hoodies to be worn inside school.
  • No fizzy drinks  – if seen these will be confiscated.
  • No sweets, chocolates, biscuits etc over 55 grams allowed in school – if seen these will be confiscated.
  • No chewing gum allowed in school.

Mobile phones – may only be used in designated social areas at social times. If seen in classrooms they will be confiscated until the end of the school day. Parents will be asked to collect for repeat offences.

Contact details 

Please ensure that we have at least two contact numbers for you to ensure that we can contact you should the need arise during the school day.

If you need any further information or have any questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Uniform expectations after half term

We are pleased to confirm that we will be returning to full uniform expectations every day, including blazers, from Monday 2nd November.

All students must wear full uniform every day, including blazers. Those students in incorrect uniform will be given the chance to return home to change or to have their parent/guardian bring correct uniform to them.  Students who are unable to change will receive a uniform comment and a phone call home to agree when uniform will be rectified.

Full uniform guidance can be found here and in the planner

PE and practical subjects

Students will no longer attend school in pe kit. The use and cleaning of pe changing rooms has been fully risk assessed and is part of our covid secure measures. Any student not bringing their pe kit will still take part in the lesson.

Students will begin to access practical classrooms and undertake some practical lessons.


We are increasing the number of student lockers and making them available in all Year Group bubbles. Lockers are available for a £5 deposit.

Cleaning regime in PE changing rooms/classrooms

Further to our statement on Thursday 15th October confirming that students will no longer wear pe kit to school on the days they have pe, but will change into pe kit, we want to reassure parents that this change to practice has been carefully researched and risk assessed.

Chaucer School has invested heavily in both additional cleaning time and additional cleaning technology and materials. The changing rooms, and other classrooms where required, will be “fogged” after each use, using a machine that is recommended and approved by the Health & Safety Executive.

The fogging machine is quick and effective meaning that we are now able to clean pe changing rooms during lesson changeovers whilst students are being collected from their year group bubble. 

The fogging machine uses a chemical that is microbiologically tested effective against enveloped Flu viruses including covid19 and is also certified completely safe. All health & safety and COSHH assessments have been undertaken and completed satisfactorily. 

The health, safety and well being of students and staff remains our key priority.

Should you have any questions or concerns please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Plans for partial closure

Please find attached information on how the school will manage any closure or partial closure of the school due to COVID 19.

Contingency communications letter to parents and carers.

Tier 1 Partial Closure information

Please do complete the parent survey here which would allow your child to be released from school should we need to close or partially close a bubble. A text would be sent to all affected parents/carers in these circumstances but permission in advance would prevent your child being detained in school until personal contact was made to gain permission to send them home.


COVID 19 – process for collapsing bubble/s on receipt of a positive test

Please see letter here explaining how we would like to streamline the process for sending students home who have been identified as being in contact with a person with a positive test and complete the survey here.

It is now even more important than ever that we hold correct contact details for parents/carers so please do ensure that you notify school of any changes to contact details, for example when you  change your phone number or email address.



Reporting a positive Coronavirus case.

We thank you for all your support to school during these complex times. 

To support our COVID-19 strategy if your child has a confirmed positive case of Coronavirus please call the main office Monday to Friday 8.30am - 3.30pm. Alternatively over the weekend please would you report it on the confidential red button on the red button below and we will be able to support you, your child and the school community more effectively.

Thank you for your time and trouble on this matter.